NEW!!! October, 10th

Dear all,

IFATCA ERM 2022: New (improved) security measures to enter EUROCONTROL

We have been advised that the planned enhanced security measures involving a QR code to be presented  in advance have been delayed, and therefore the old procedures will still apply:

1) You do NOT need a QR code anymore and will not receive one.

2) You need to bring a valid ID ( e.g. passport) that will be checked by the security guards before entering the building. (It will be done once on the bus, then again at the reception desk against our list of registered participants).

3) Once inside the building, at the reception, you will again need to show your ID to receive a plastic badge that will allow you to enter the building and go to the EUROPA Meeting room area ( called Europa Lobby). This plastic badge will be valid for the duration of the meeting.

In addition, please note that we will not distribute pens and paper in the room (if you still need 20th-century note-taking, you should bring your pen and paper).

Last important remark, for security reasons – there is no luggage storage facility possible in the EUROCONTROL building.

For those planning to arrive in the morning on 18/10/2022 directly from the airport, you will need to go to your Hotel first to leave your bags or carry-on trolleys there. Same for those leaving on the 20th directly after the meeting, you have to leave your luggage in the Hotel. 

We are looking forward to seeing you all soon in Brussels.

Kind regards,

ERM2022 Organizing Committee

Would you be so kind to make yourselves aware of the IFATCA CoC ( – It is expected for all attendees of the IFATCA Regional meetings to have read and understood the IFATCA Code of Conduct.

IFATCA Code of Conduct – pdf version